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Seven Day Workshop of Teachers
Event Start Date : 01/06/2017 Event End Date 08/06/2017


Thanks to very dynamic personalities Regional Director, Mr. Vijay Kumar & ARD, Mrs. Jaswinder Kaur Sidhu for giving the innovative idea of organizing one week workshop for the performance enhancement of teachers. With the changing scenario of education such workshops are mandatory to make the teaching-learning process interesting and effective.

DAV Public School, Kotkapura organized this workshop from 1st June to 7th June under the leadership of Principal Miss. Meena Mehta in a very organized way. Every day the workshop started with Havana and the teachers learnt the mantras. Forty teachers attended the workshop for seven days in school. They prepared the PPTs related to their subjects and demonstrated in a impressive way under the guidance of their HODs.

16 teachers (2 from each major subject & 4 from EEDP) went to Jalalabad to share their views with the teachers of other schools and to learn more to make teaching enjoyable.

From English department Ms. Veerpal & Ms. Ravana under the guidance of their HOD, Ms. Kamlesh Sharma prepared the PPTs on How to Teach Grammar in Communicative Approach and How to Teach Fiction. Mrs. Neelam Sharma and Mrs. Vandana Grover who went to Jalalabad shared their experiences on methodology of teaching poetry and phonetics and also shared what they learnt over there in Jalalabad.

Science teachers Mr. Kunal and Mr. Mohit conveyed How to teach Acids and Bases, Reflection and Refraction by performing experiments and did wonders. Mrs. Beant and Mrs. Preeti also facilitated the teachers to make science an interesting subject. Mrs. Navneet and Ms. Kavita gave the concept of E-Diary through PPT which they learnt in the workshop at Jalalabad and motivated everyone to prepare E-lesson plan.

A team of Punjabi teachers Mrs. Paramjit and Mrs. Jaswinder Kaur presented the PPT on Varnmala, Matra and Lipi. Mrs. Suman Puri, HOD Punjabi and Mrs. Mandeep Kaur shared their PPT with the teachers on Punjabi Virsa and equipped the teachers with good vocabulary. They also requested to safe guard their language.       

The cluster of Hindi teachers Mrs. Saroj, Mrs. Shallu and Mr. Kamlesh Shastri under the guidance of their HOD, Mrs. Veena Sharma gave demonstrations alongwith their PPTs on Kavita Ucharan, Vyakaran and Sandhi Vichhed. Mr. Shastri also shared what he learnt in Jalalabad.

Presentation on Maths by Ms. Shaveta under the guidance of HOD Maths, Mrs. Sudesh Goyal on Number System and by Ms. Nishu Mangal on Factors and Multiples were magical. They created everybody’s interest in maths by various interesting activities. Mrs. Shweta and Mrs. Sarita shared their experience and PPTs with teachers after coming back from Jalalabad. Contribution of Mrs. Shweta on the tips to teach Trigonometry and the teaching of Basic Geometry through origami by Mrs. Sarita Goyal were miraculous. The presentation through paper cutting was so interesting that it looked as maths is everyone’s cup of tea.

A team of S.Science teachers Mrs. Shilpy, Mrs. Darshana Arora and Mrs. Vandana. presented their PPTs on Human Resources, Early Man and Migration. They gave wonderful presentation for three days. After that Mr. Harpreet who attended the workshop at Jalalabad explained how to make S.Science an interesting and informative subject. Mrs. Nirmal Aggarwal, HOD S.Science guided all the teachers in their presentations.

Teachers from kindergarten presented the beautiful demonstration under the guidance of Principal and their Coordinator, Mrs. Harinder Kaur. The way of story-telling by gesture and teaching aids by Ms. Vanita Kataria was really enjoyable. How to teach phonetics to pre-primary students by Mrs. Ritu was excellent. Mrs. Rajni, Coordinator primary conveyed how to develop pre-writing skills in a playful way. She explained the way of physical development, hygiene, health care, nutrition and evaluation of kindergarten students.

It was a great experience for all the teachers. All attended the workshop with zeal and enthusiasm and appreciated the efforts of RD, ARD and the worthy Principal. All the participants got certificates on 07.06.2017 i.e. last day of the workshop. The workshop was a great success and ended with Shanti Path and DAV Gaan.


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